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Past Bouchercons 2000 - 2009

Bouchercon XL · Indianapolis, Indiana · Oct 15-18, 2009

“Elementary, My Dear Indy!”

Guest of Honor : Michael Connelly
Toastmaster : S.J. Rozan
Honored Youth Author : Wendelin Van Draanen
Lifetime Achievement Award : Allen J. Hubin
Fan Guest of Honor : Kathryn Kennison

Chairs : Jim Huang, Mike Bursaw





Bouchercon XXXIX · Baltimore, Maryland · Oct 9-12, 2008

“Charmed to Death”

Distinguished Contribution to the Genre : Lawrence Block
International Guest of Honor : John Harvey
American Guest of Honor : Laura Lippman
Toastmaster : Mark Billingham
Lifetime Achievement Award : Robert Rosenwald and Barbara Peters
Fan Guest of Honor : Thalia Proctor

Chairs : Ruth Jordan, Judy Bobalik

Bouchercon XXXVIII · Anchorage, Alaska · Sep 27-30, 2007

“Bearly Alive”

Special Guest of Honor : Diana Gabaldon
American Guest of Honor : Thomas Perry
Lifetime Achievement Award : James Sallis
Fan Guest of Honor : Barbara Peters

Chairs : Dana Stabenow, Dee Ford, Kimberley Gray

Bouchercon XXXVII · Madison, Wisconsin · Sep 28-Oct 1, 2006

“A Prairie Plot”

Guest of Honor : M.C. Beaton
American Guest of Honor : Nevada Barr
Toastmaster : William Kent Krueger
Lifetime Achievement Award : Robert B. Parker
Fan Guest of Honor : Jim Huang
Special Guest : Joseph Wambaugh

Chair : Al Abramson

Bouchercon XXXVI · Chicago, Illinois · Sep 1-4, 2005

“Wicked Times in the windy city…”

International Guest of Honor : Jonathan Gash
American Guest of Honor : Dennis Lehane
Toastmaster : Harlan Coben
Lifetime Achievement : Bill Pronzini, Marcia Muller
Fan Guest of Honor : Beth Fedyn

Chairs : Sonya Rice, Deen Kogan



Bouchercon XXXV · Toronto, ON, Canada · Oct 7-10, 2004

“Murder Among the Maples”

Canadian Guest of Honour : Peter Robinson
British Guest of Honour : Lindsey Davis
American Guest of Honour : Jeremiah Healy
Fan Guest of Honour : Gary Warren Niebuhr
Toast Mistress : Natasha Cooper
Lifetime Achievement Honours : Bernard Cornwell

Chair : Al Navis

Bouchercon XXXIV · Las Vegas, Nevada · Oct 16-19, 2003

“Where the Odds Favor Mystery”

American Guest of Honor : James Lee Burke
International Guest of Honor : Ian Rankin
Fan Guests of Honor : Ann and Jeff Smith
Memorial Honoree : Hal Rice
Toastmaster : Lee Child
Contribution To The Field : Janet Hutchings
Exemplary Body of Work : Ruth Rendell

Chair : Deen Kogan



Bouchercon XXXIII · Austin, Texas · Oct 17-20, 2002

“Longhorns of the Law”

Guests of Honor : Mary Willis Walker, George Pelecanos
Fan Guest of Honor : Bill Crider
Fan Ghost of Honor : Barry Gardner
Toastmaster : Sparkle Hayter

Chairs : Karen Meschke, Willie Siros



Bouchercon XXXII · Washington, DC · Nov 1-4, 2001

“A Capital Mystery”

American Guest of Honor : Sue Grafton
International Guest of Honor : Peter Lovesey
Fan Guests of Honor : Lew and Nancy Buckingham
Toastmaster : Michael Connelly
Lifetime Achievement Award : Edward D. Hoch

Chairs : Adolph P. Falcón, William L. Starck



Bouchercon XXXI · Denver, Colorado · Sep 7-10, 2000

“High Crimes”

Guest of Honor : Elmore Leonard
Fan Guest of Honor : Steve Stilwell
Toastmaster : Val McDermid
Lifetime Achievement Award : Jane Langton

Chairs : Rebecca Bates, Tom Schantz

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