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Bouchercon Board Members 2023-2024


Chair: Cheryl Head (DC)
Vice Chair: Jay Shepherd (MA)
Treasurer: David Schlosser (WA)
Secretary: Marie Sutro (CA)


Elected Members

Christopher Chambers (DC): Term Ends 2026

Tracy Clark (IL): Term Ends 2025

Chip Cowell (TX) Term Ends 2024

Rae James (CA): Term Ends 2024
Kim Krabill (WA): Term Ends 2026


Local Organizing Committees

Susan Cella (NY): Co-Chair Bouchercon 2024 Nashville

Kevin Cella (NY): Co-Chair Bouchercon 2024 Nashville

Heather Graham (FL):  Co-Chair Bouchercon 2025 New Orleans

Susan Calder (Calgary): Co-Chair Bouchercon 2026 Calgary

Pamela McDowell (Calgary): Co-Chair Bouchercon 2026 Calgary

Shawn Simmons (MD): Co-Chair Bouchercon 2027 Washington DC


Past Local Organizing Committee

Kim Keeline (CA): Co-Chair Bouchercon 2023 San Diego

Administrator: Connie Perry

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