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Living our Code of Conduct

Dear Bouchercon Community:

Bouchercon wants to reassure all members of our community that we are committed to ensuring everyone feels welcome and safe at our events. Our Code of Conduct has been updated to reflect that commitment. We have also taken the following operational steps at the San Diego conference this year:

At the Conference:

  • Options to choose pronouns during online registration, which will be printed clearly on name badges.

  • Enlarging the font on name badges for quicker and more accurate identification of attendees. 

  • Inclusion pins available at registration desk.

  • Signage reiterating standards for acceptable behavior (including definitions of sexual harassment and microaggressions) will be prominently displayed.

  • Local medical and legal resources (including those that are LQBTQ friendly) will be readily available for anyone who needs them. (Available via handouts and QR codes on signage.)

  • Incorporating microaggression awareness information at Bouchercon 101 sessions.

  • Our security task force (comprised of Bouchercon team members) will be on call to address any reported incidents and will work with hotel security to ensure complaints are resolved as soon as possible.

Website & Social Media

Update to our Code of Conduct Page

  • Local resources (with links as available) will be published for the upcoming event.

  • Postings on social media reaffirming our commitment and educating our community about the steps we are taking.

We will be continuing to improve our operational policies to ensure all our community members feel welcome and safe at all of our future events.


Bouchercon, Inc. Board of Directors

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